The history and families of Turvey in Bedfordshire, England

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Here are the personal names of Turvey residents mentioned in the Church Warden's accounts of 1551. Please note that this is not the whole village population!

William Adams
George Andrew
Richard Asshton
William Ball
Robert Batson
Keterin Batson
John Boys
Edward Faxton
William Freysbe
John Hiles
Thomas Lambert of Carlton Lane
Thomas Lawton
William Longworth
Richard Lylliot
William Lyon
The Lord Mordaunt
Robert Norman
William Nycolles
John Osmond
Stephen Osmonte
William Purrior
William Skevington
John Smythe
William Smythe
William Sprott
Thomas Stevyns
Thomas Stevynson
Elyn Stockes
Edward Wall
Richard Woodford

The Rector was Richard Woodford, the Churchwardens were Robert Batson, Thomas Stevyson, Stephen Osmont, William Purrior, Thomas Lambert and William Sprott.

The Wardens of the Sepulchre Light were William Ball and William Nycolles and the Collectors of the Town Rents were Thomas Stevyns and Edward Faxton.

Please remember that at this early date the spelling of names was very free and varied!

1551 Residents of Turvey