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The cemetery was consecrated on 18 July 1871. It is one acre big and is a short way up Carlton Road, just beyond the Lower school and allotments.  It also contains a “Garden of Remembrance” where cremated individuals can be interred with a small stone memorial.

The beautiful Lych gate has an inscription on the front and back sides.,It reads 'I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE'  and the back has 'I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVETH'

A lych gate was added to a cemetery or churchyard to provide a shelter for mourners and the bier whilst funerals were arriving or departing.  The word lych is spelt lich in some parts of the country and comes from the old English word for corpse.

The cemetery as it was in 1900 (top picture, in black and white) and as it was in 2003 (lower colour picture).

Please note that they are taken from different parts of the field.

Some stones have fallen over and been removed in the interest of safety.

You can see the lych gate in the background of the top picture.

Many of the graves are now overgrown.  Many have inlaid metal inscriptions which are now falling out.  These pictures are of my (recently discovered) great-great grandparents’ grave.

This low flat type of grave seems to be the worst style for survival. The inscriptions on the low sides are prone to both frost damage and lichen & moss.

Many families were buried in graves of this style throughout the 19th and early 20th century.  Nowadays am upright tombstone is more usual.

The Cemetery