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The Congregational Church was founded in  February 1828.

By 1841 it boasted 167 members.  Of these, 78 were from Turvey and 89 were from the surrounding villages.

Members of the Congregational Church had to agree to some pretty detailed conditions before being allowed to be members.

These conditions included:

actual uncleanness

obscene and impure conversations

profane swearing

taking the Lord's name in vain

lying or false dealings


often frequenting public houses without a real call

neglect of family worship and public worship

violation of the Sabbath by unlawful labour or journeys or sauntering visits

Rev R D Lindup was the minister of the Congregational Church in the 1960's.

Turvey Congregational Church

Turvey Congregational Church Members - 1828

Non-Conformists in Turvey