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aft = after

bd= born

bch = bachelor

bef = before

bpd = baptised

c = child

chd = christened

d = daughter

h = husband

ilig - illegitimate

lab = labourer

occ = occupation

PR = Parish Relief

s = son

sp = spinster

w = wife

wid = widow/er

The Cotton Family in Turvey

Cotton Family Baptisms in Turvey

1793   4 April    Reuban   s of John and Joanna

1794  18 Nov   Mary       d of John & Joanna

1799  18 Aug   John        s of John & Joanna  born 15 Feb 1786

                    Hannah             ‘’                  born 29 Aug 1789

                    William              ‘’                  born 13 Apr 1791

                    Susanna            ‘’                 born 24 Apr 1796

                    Amy                 ‘’                  born 3 Dec 1798

                    Jane                 ‘’                  born 17 Aug 1799

1805  7 Apr    Mary       d of John and Rebecca

1808  9 May   William     s of John and Rebecca

1811  21 Apr   Eli          s of John and Rebecca


Cotton Family Marriages in Turvey

1804  26 Jun    John Cotton bch married Rebecca Cox sp, both of Turvey

1805  5 June    Sarah Cotton sp married Thomas Cox of Stevington bch

1811  15 Jan    John Cotton of Newton Blossomville married Mary Estwick of Turvey


Cotton Family Burials in Turvey

1812 16 Aug Mary d of John and Rebecca aged 7


From the Turvey Parish Registers up to 1812

Alice Margaret Landells Cotton Born 1880 in Turvey

Daughter of Catherine Cotton

Thank you to Rachel Harley for this beautiful photo of her grandmother, Alice Cotton.

There were 22 people called Cotton living in Turvey at the time of the 1881 census.

Reuban Cotton of Turvey

Here is more information on Reuban Cotton (born 1793 in Turvey), the son of John and Joanna.

Reuban started work as a servant of Turvey Abbey on 30 January 1802.

He married Rachel Stock (born 1788 in Turvey) on 11 October 1814 in Turvey.

There children were all born in Turvey -

Reuban died in December 1878, in Turvey.

Cotton Non-Conformists in Turvey

Some of the Cotton family were members of the Congregational Church. The following names are on the list of members from 1828.

Reuban Cotton

William Cotton

Johanna Cotton

Ann Cotton/Woods

Eli Cotton

Charles Cotton

A John Cotton, labourer, was on the 1803 Muster List for Turvey as a 1st Class volunteer.

There was a John Cotton in the Bedford Union Workhouse in 1881. He was married, an agricultural labourer and had been born in Turvey.

A Levi Cotton was baptised in Turvey on 22 January 1826. He married twice, first to Catherine Purser of Pavenham, Beds, on 10 Feb 1865. Then to a girl called Maria from Turvey.

John (born 1786), son of John and Joanna, and brother of Reuban,  married Turvey girl, Mary Raban in 1840 in Turvey church.