In Memorium

Mrs G.F.W. Munby  (Harriet Munby, wife of Rev Munby of Turvey)

The late Mrs Munby was a most zealous worker for the Church Missionary Society.  Her Gleaners’ Band realized considerable sums yearly by Sales of Work under her sympathetic practical management.

To Turvey students for Islington College she was a second mother, ministering to them of her substance.  She made the First Class Sunday School girls her particular care, always lovingly impressing the weekly Collects, the best foundation for private prayer.

Lacemaking and Floriculture she encouraged in the cottages, herself a lacemaker and “The best Lady Botanist in Bedfordshire.”  She stimulated good housewifery, temperance and thrift; a consistent peacemaker striving ever to promote neighbourly charity.

Devoted to her Saviour, husband and children, she kept the command daily before herself and others, “Go, and make disciples of all men,” often adding, with a smile the old “saw,” “do it at once, if not before.”

From Felmersham Rural Deanery Parish Magazine - June 1926