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The Mordaunt Tombs

Mordaunt Tombs in Turvey Church

Sir John Mordaunt & Edith Latimer                     Blue

John, 1st Baron  & Elizabeth Vere                       Red

John, 2nd Baron & Eleanor FitzLewiz/Joan Farmer  Green

Lewis, 3rd Baron Mordaunt                                Purple

Earls of Peterborough -     under Green and Organ area

Mordaunt Family Church Tour

Sir John Mordaunt(1465-1504) and Edith’s Tomb

Middle of South Aisle

John Mordaunt, 1st Baron Turvey(1483-1561) and Elizabeth’s Tomb

Between Lady Chapel, South Aisle & Chancel

John Mordaunt, 2st Baron Turvey(1508-1571) and Eleanor & Joan’s Tomb

In North Aisle, Near Organ

Lewis Mordaunt, 3rd Baron Turvey(1538-1601) Tomb

West end of North Aisle, by the Bell Tower

In these close ups of Edith's effigy you can clearly see traces of the paint that once would have made these figures look very beautiful.  The top of her headdress features beautifully carved roses and trellis work.

Here are photos of the tomb of John Mordaunt (2nd Lord) and his wives Eleanor and Joan.  The tomb is alabaster and was once painted in bright jewel-like colours.  Unusually for such an old monument (c.1571) quite a bit of this paintwork is still visible.  The attention to detail is remarkable, every fold of the lace ruffs and heavy fabrics is perfect - as can be seen in this close up of the headdress of one of his wives.

Here are the arms of Lewis, the 3rd Lord.  These are on the wall behind his black marble tomb.  

The carved figure, serving as a column, is called a caryatid.