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Turvey Village - Virtual Tour - Part 2

This is one of the two village signs.  The symbol on the left is that of the Festival of Britain which was held in 1951.  Many local villages erected signs this year in commemoration. The arms on the right of the sign are that of the County of Bedfordshire.

You now reach a 'wonky' crossroads.  Here we are going to take the right hand road, Newton Road, towards Newton Blossomville (a lovely journey) and Tandy's Close.

On the corner of Newton Lane there once stood the Smithy and a garage (pictures on Trade page).

To your right you can see Ladybridge Terrace. It may have been named after a small chapel to 'Our Lady' which stood here long ago. Between 1849 and 1861, Charles Longuet Higgins built 60 cottages in Ladybridge Terrace and Church Row.  They cost him £300 for each pair of homes.

This is an area where once every man, woman and child was employed in the lace making trade.

There are cottages here where the lace schools were held (top). The lower photo is of a larger house which is now named 'The Lace School'.

There is much more about the lace trade in Turvey on its own pages.

Further up Newton Road, on your right, we see Tandys Close (picture left).

This is a small cluster of ex-council houses.  The name Tandys is a corruption of St Andrew, the patron saint of lace makers.

You can see the top of the church in the background.

As we turn and go back down Newton Lane towards the main road, just after the lace cottages, on our left, we pass a strange, gated hole in the wall (above). Closer inspection reveal this to be the sight of Nell's Well - one of Turvey's most famous locations.  

As we reach the crossroads once more across the main road we see the Church of All Saints and the rectory - we'll come back this way later.

For now we turn right and head on up the village.

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