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Barton Homes’ Rules

The Rules of the Turvey Almshouses - June 1885.

I Rooms having once been allotted cannot be changed, except by special permission of the Committee.  The Inmates, in addition of the apartments, will receive an allowance in Money monthly.   The payments will be made on the last Friday in each month.

II No person but an elected Inmate will be permitted to dwell or sleep in any of the rooms except by the special permission on the Committee, which must be obtained through the secretary, and reported at the next meeting.  None of the Inmates shall entertain any visitors but such as are of good repute and decent appearance, nor suffer them to remain after the hours fixed for closing the doors.

III No superfluous of unnecessary articles of furniture are to be kept; no shelves or fittings of any kind are to be fixed in the rooms without the consent of the Committee, and then only according to their directions: no nails of screws shall be driven into the walls or woodwork.

IV No article is to be exposed for sale at the windows, now show of trade made in the Inmates' apartments. The rooms are intended as residences, not as workrooms, consequently no litter or dirt will be allowed.  Every room is to be kept clean, the furniture, fittings and ledges are to be dusted and cleaned daily and the floor to be scoured all over at least once a week; the windows, blinds and curtains are to be kept clean and in order.  The chimney must be kept swept when required.  Broken windows are to be repaired at the expense of the occupier of
the rooms to which they belong.  No lumber or articles of any kind are to be set aside or left on the staircases or landings.

V  No Inmate is permitted to take washing, or receive children to nurse or educate, and no trade or calling can be carried on without permission from the Committee.

VI The upper landings and staircases are to be swept daily by the Inmates of the upper rooms alternately; they are also to scour the same every week, or oftener if requisite.  The Inmates of the lower rooms are to sweep alternately the passage and yard, and clean the outer doorstep every day, and scour the passage every week or oftener if requisite.  If any Inmates are unable to perform such work, it is not to be neglected, but they are to see that the same is done, and at their own expense.

VII No slops, dirt or ashes are to be cast or emptied out of the windows, not any part of the Buildings other than the proper receptacles.

VIII All males Inmates, being sufficiently able-bodied are to assist the Superintendent when required in doing any reasonable work necessary to maintain an appearance of order and neatness about the Buildings and Garden.

IX The Washhouses are to be used alternately, as the Committee may direct.  The Washhouse, Copper Sink &c., are to be left clean by every Inmate.  The Water closets are to be scoured and cleaned weekly by each Inmate in turn.

X Any Inmate requiring to be absent from his or her room for more than seven days,
is to inform the secretary of the same.  For leave of absence for any longer period, permission must be obtained of the Committee.  On leaving home for a night, Inmates must intimate the fact to the Superintendent; but if for a longer period, they are to inform him where they are about to stay.

XI Sunday is to be duly and properly kept; no work whatever is to be done on that day, and when religious services are held in the Hall, the Inmates are expected to attend.

XII The doors are to be closed at Ten o'clock at night; fires and candles are to be put out at that hour, except in the case of sickness.

XIII Propriety of conduct and kindly feeling of the Inmates towards each other are at all times to be observed, as the infirmities of age present any occasions, in an Establishment of this kind, in which friendly attention and mutual assistance are of the utmost importance.

Visitors and strangers are to be received with civility and courtesy.

XIV Habits or drunkenness, profane swearing, quarrelling, abuse, or other gross impropriety will be followed by expulsion.

XV In case of death, etc., the usual and customary course must be taken by the relatives and friends, and notice of the same be given, in writing to the Secretary.

Vacancies in all cases will be filled up one month after the rooms are vacated.
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