The history and families of Turvey in Bedfordshire, England

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The Three Fyshes is in Bridge Street and is one of the first buildings you see as you enter the village from the West.

The pub bears the date 1624 - when beer was first served here.

On the right are two pictures of the inside - the bottom photo was taken June 2010.  The top illustration is probably from the 1960s.

The Fyshes was built in 1487 and is believed to have been owned by the Mordaunt family.

For many years people came from miles around to watch the famous outdoor boxing matches held here.

The Fyshes is now owned by brewers,Greene King

It has been a Grade II listed building since 1952.

Ye Three Fyshes Pub at Turvey

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Photographs of Ye Three Fyshes inn.

Take 6 June 2010.  It was a very rainy day.

A beautiful postcard of Ye Three Fyshes Inn from 1907.  It was then owned by Jarvis and co and you can see that it offered stabling and ‘accommodation of cycles’.  Click the picture to enlarge it.

By 1972 the Three Fyshes is ownded by Philip Watneys and there is a BP petrol pump for customers use.

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Forward to 1955 and the stabling is no longer offered.  The pub is now owned by Phipps of Northampton and has petrol facilities.

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Publicans of Ye Three Fyshes Inn

1847 - James Chater

1864 - James Rogers

1877 - John Bailey

1881 - William Smith

1898 - Peter Henry Horn

1901 - Harry Morney

Inside the Three Fyshes in 1962.

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