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The North Aisle & Nave

Turvey Church Tour - Part 5

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This is fifteenth century and the Nave walls were heightened at the same time as this construction.

The North Chapel was converted into the Organ chamber but once housed the burial place of the Mordaunt family.

Buried beneath here is John, Earl of Peterborough who died in 1643 and was Marshal-General of the Parliamentary Forces during the English Civil War.

Charles, Earl of Peterborough and Monmouth K.G., who died in 1735 in Lisbon, is also buried here.

The tomb of Robert Henry Johnson is in the wall of the North Aisle.  He died at Laws House (now the Laws Hotel) in Turvey on 14th February 1881. He was only 30 years old.  He had been a soldier in the 64th Regiment of Foot.

The tomb of John, 2nd Lord Mordaunt and his two wives is at the East end of the North Aisle, right by the organ (to the right of the picture).

There is a page dedicated to the beautiful Mordaunt Tombs.

The wooden ceiling of the church nave.

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An impressive 550 members of congregation can be seated here.